Hello! My name is Alice! Welcome to my shop! Our workshop was established 5 years ago.
    The idea was created thanks to my son:) When he grew up, he became interested in various dangerous items (sockets, switches, etc.).
    Instead of fighting with this, I decided to buy him a busyboard ! Having reviewed a lot of products, I did not find a suitable option. Therefore, it was decided to create the perfect busyboard for my son!
We launched production, which has gone from a couple of tools to a full-fledged workshop with a professional team of carpenters, painters, assemblers and packers.

Our goal is not only to entertain the children in studying a really cool product, but also to unite the family - it is interesting to play all together with a busy board! Learn - by playing, develop - by learning!
That is why every day we put inspiration and strength into the project, we grow and develop!