3 reasons why you need to order a busy board for Christmas now!

 1. There will be no problems with delivery. 

During the summer, standard shipping is traditionally the fastest, especially to the US, Canada and Europe.  By ordering a gift now, you are guaranteed to be able to receive it on time, avoid New Year's delays at customs and overpayment for express delivery.

 2. Save your budget

We live in a time when the world economy is making adjustments, prices are rising both for materials and for the delivery of goods, especially before the holidays.

By ordering a gift in advance, you can save money by buying the product before the price rises.

3. Save your nerves. 

Remember that pre-Christmas hustle?  Imagine how many people start buying gifts in the final weeks before the holidays?  The product suddenly may be in out of stock, because all busy boards are hand made.


Now imagine a situation when you calmly received your order without unnecessary delays and relaxed watching the fuss around and are only busy with New Year's Eve preparations.

Hurry up!😁