Balance board

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Balance board is a funny toy developing dexterity and coordination of movements.

🔸promotes cerebellar activity

🔸coordination of muscle and mental activityimproves memory

🔸attentiveness and learning

🔸develops muscles and shapes posture.

Moreover, balance board is a training session before mastering a skateboard, ski, snowboard, surf or even walking a tightrope!

Children learn how to balance quite quickly. In order to keep a child interested in training, we added a maze to the balance board. During the game the child learns to keep balance in a certain position of the board and at the same time tries to solve the labyrinth!

Length: 45cm
Width: 33cm
Height: 6cm
Вес: 1,2kg
Age: from 2 years
Load: up to 60kg
Materials: Natural birch, environmentally friendly paints, water-based varnish

Balance board consists of a board with two protectors at the bottom.

All boards are made of durable, high-quality wood. A labyrinth is located on the surface of the board and a drawing is applied by UV-printing.

The board is varnished for protection against moisture and external damages.

Wooden balls are used during the game. The number of balls can be increased that makes solving the labyrinth more complicated.

Playing field:

It is necessary to run the balls through the maze directing them by shifting the center of gravity of the body. Swinging in different directions and keeping the balance in different positions the child will move the ball through the maze thereby training his or her vision and dexterity.

The first level involves a single ball, but you can make the game more complicated by adding balls that are included in the maze kit.

The board doesn’t require much space in a room, allows your children to have active game and develops attention and coordination!


1. My child is 4 years old, what balance should I choose: Mini (from 2 years) or Maxi (from 5 years)?  

We recommend choosing Maxi at this age.  And even better, if one of the parents will play with the child and show how to properly balance, then he will have more interest and motivation!

2. What is included in package?

In the package you will find the balance board and 2 balls for the maze.


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