Natural rocking balance board (rainbow)

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🔸Multifunctional and developing rocking board facilitates the flight of imagination and physical activity.

  • Improvement of gross and fine motor skills

  • Increase of movement coordination and dexterity

  • Muscle strengthening

  • Development of vestibular system 


🌟It helps you rock a newborn easily, gives a two-year-old child the possibility of playing, learns a preschooler how to balance and can be a perfect toy for children of any age when they “switch on” their imagination and “complete the reality”.

🔸Our rocking board gives your child so many game options: to swing on a rocker,  slide, climb a ladder or hide “under a bridge”, “hide behind a wall” or have a rest in a bed. On turning the rocker to another side the child makes up new entertainment, discovers new abilities and develops own body.

Rocking balance board MAXI:

Heightt: 17,7”  (45cm)
Length: 40,9” (104cm)
Width: 20,9” (53cm)
Weight: 9kg
Age: up to 12 years
Load: up to 100kg
Package: 107х54х10cm
Materials: Natural birch, environmentally friendly paints, water-based varnish

Rocking balance board  MINI:
Heightt: 14” (36cm)
Length: 32,3” (82сm)
Width: 18,11” (46cm)
Weight: 5kg
Age: up to 5 years
Load: up to 60kg
Package: 87х46х10cm
Materials: Natural birch, environmentally friendly paints, water-based varnish


🔸We understand that you choose not only a toy, but also an item of interior so we’ve tried to diversify the design of rocking board as much as possible.


  • Safe natural materials
  • Thorough grinding
  • No sharp corners

  • 🔸There are rockers of two sizes (MAXI and MINI) with different design options for mattresses.
    You should choose the size of rocking balance board depending on the age of the child. Model MINI is best suitable for babies and kids up to 5 years.

    🔸Complete the board with a stylish mattress.
    There are several interesting colors for boys, for girls, and equally suitable for both.


    Production time for orders: 5-7 business days.


    Priority air mail (20-25 business days)

    Express delivery (5-7 business days)

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