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We put all our experience so that your children can safely explore this world!

«Bought this for my daughter's first birthday and she and her almost 3 year old sister both absolutely love it! So happy with our purchase. The effort that has gone into the design of this is fantastic. Alice was really responsive to messages and it shipped quickly. Thank you!»

Sophie Harrison, UK

«This. Is. The. Best. Thing. Ever!»

Jennifer Bell, US

« Got this as a gift for my sons one year birthday and it is fantastic. He loves it and he is learning so much by playing with it. I can’t recommend this high enough».

Paula Silverthorn, US

«This was an instant favorite! Thank you so much--my 20 month old is hard to keep entertained for more than a few minutes and this keeps him occupied long enough for me to actually get things done! I can't say thank you enough!»

Mallory Herrera, US

«Our daughter LOVES this house. It has kept her occupied for long stretches of time. She's only 11 months old, so there is still so much for her to learn how to do, but there is plenty for her to do now. Great investment.»

Jennifer Stadden, US