All Smart Baby Board products are made from wood—not plastic or laminate. We use two primary wood types: birch wood and plywood.

All our birch plywood is also CARB Phase 2-compliant, and it is harvested from sustainable forests. Birch is indigenous in northern Europe and has traditionally been used to manufacture cabinetry. It has a beautiful, light color with a fine grain. Because it contains multiple layers, compared to other plywood, its strength and flexibility are superior, and it runs less danger of warping than does other plywood.

The stability and decorative finish of natural birch wood is also ideal for building toddler heirloom quality toys, rockers and balance boards, as it resists warping, that is easy to paint. 

Our toy finishes are safe and simply coated with a non-toxic water-based varnish (balance boards).

We only use EU certificated acrylic water-based paints, so there is no need to worry when toys for kidsend up in your baby’s mouth. Therefore the toys can wander from hand to mouth at any time.