baby board about

About 7 years ago, we decided the world lacked a high-quality, stylish, environmentally-friendly, and safe product for children which functions not just as a toy but also as an effective tool for early childhood development.

Having experience interacting with our own children, we chose one of the most popular methods of Maria Montessori.

The approach turned out to be close to our educational values, which is to comfortably and safely adapt the kids to their surrounding household environment, trust them, and let them try to do everything themselves.

No wonder this approach has so many fans around the world!

We involved experts, including pedagogues and psychologists, in the development of our new product. Together, they assisted us with the content, design, and color scheme.

We launched production, which has gone from a couple of tools to a full-fledged workshop with a professional team of carpenters, painters, assemblers, and packers.

Our goal is not only to entertain children in their exploration of a really cool product but also to unite the family. Busy boards can be interesting for the whole family! Our motto is: “Learn by playing. Develop by knowing.”

It is important for us that our toys become unique in every sense. That is why every day we put inspiration and strength into the project so that we grow and develop!