We all go through hard times. It’s so easy to be fearful and anxious.

We wanted to share this list of ideas with you in case you are looking to spread some positivity right now. Some cost money and others are completely free. We hope this list inspires you today!

🌟Send cards in the mail to a friend or family member;

🌟Offer to pick up groceries for someone in need;

🌟Donate food to the local food pantry;

🌟FaceTime someone just to brighten their day;

🌟Send flowers to a friend;

🌟Leave cookies, coffee, or wine on the front step of neighbor;

🌟Write encouraging words with chalk on the sidewalk;

🌟Leave a small gift for your mail carrier;

🌟Drop off goodies to local first responders;

🌟Tell funny jokes to make someone laugh.