How to help children learn colors? 🎨

Often parents try to teach their children the name of the flowers as early as possible.
No need to rush.
The age at which a child usually begins to be interested in the difference in colors falls on 2-3 years👶.

If your baby does not want to learn colors, then the time has not come yet.
Before learning the names of the flowers, it is important to make sure that the child distinguishes them👌.
This is difficult for some up to 3-4 years.

In our game complexes, primary colors of the parts are specially used🎨.

With our busy boards, it’s very easy to start learning colors with your baby.

✔️First, you can just show the child the details by calling the color

✔️Then a more difficult task, asking to find all the details of a particular color.

✔️If you have a busy board, then it has doors with a cutout and details of the puzzle, you can forgive the child to find the door matching the color of the puzzle🧩.