Busy board XL

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Busy board is educational toy for kids (from 12 months to 3 years) made according to Montessori approach which develops:

  • Fine and gross motor skills (hands are heavily involved in the game, from finger-tips to elbow and shoulder joints).
  • Sensory ability (different busy board elements have diverse surfaces, textures, etc.)
  • Logic and memory (to open a door, you firstly need to open a latch)
  • Patience and independent behavior (a kid is completely wrapped up in the game and it also allows him/her to make his/her own decisions)
  • Brainwork (understanding of cause-and-effect, a kid is able to deal with various tasks without assistance)
  • Creative potential (board’s elements can be used in an uncommon way)
  • Skills and abilities (to fasten buttons, to do up shoelaces, to unlock something, etc.)

• Each busy board is equipped with wall fixings – easily hang up when not in use.

Busy board includes elements designed for different ages of child development. Some elements will be easy for one-year-olds while others aredesigned for children ages two and up. Thus, the toy grows” with your child, since he/she always discovers something new!



Height - 39.3 inches 

Width - 23.6 inches 

42 ACTIVITIES to play!



- Handmade from high-quality plywood

- Only child-safe, non-toxic materials

- Paints are certified and suitable for children toys

- All elements are tightly attached with screws and metal clamps

Though this busy board is made with safety in mind, it is strongly advised that toddlers are played with only under adult supervision.


Instead of having many toys scattered around your child’s play area that they have lost interest in, you have one toy that constantly triggers their imagination and aids in their development!

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