Busy cube & storage for toys

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NEW!!! 2 in 1 !

Busy Board CUBE & STORAGE for toys!

We have collected the most interesting activities, and also made the cube even more practical!  Now, by simply opening the top panel, your child can put toys, books or other valuables inside the cube.

The busy cube can be made with wheels (they can be fixed) or without wheels.


Busy board cube made according to Montessori approach  consists of 5 different busy boards and allows your children to easily develop their skills and creativity!



✔️The development of fine motor skills

✔️The development of sensory skills

✔️ Replacing up to 35 toys

✔️ Training everyday life skills in a safe way



Finally! Your baby will stop looking for plugs around the house or pull out tools and other items that are not meant to be played with but they find so interesting. This busy cube contains all the interesting and useful elements for child development and give the opportunity to play in a safe way.



Instead of having many toys scattered around your child’s play area that they have lost interest in, you have one toy that constantly triggers their imagination and aids in their development!


Busy Board cube includes elements designed for different ages of child development. Some elements will be easy for one-year-olds while others aredesigned for children ages two and up. Thus, the toy “grows” with your child, since he/she always discovers something new!



Оur toys are a great opportunity for parents to relax a bit while their baby is playing. However, we always recommend playing with your children because, this way, we can all relive our childhoods!


  • Size: 11.8x11.8x11.8 inches
  • 35+ game elements
  • Age: 1 to 5 years.


As with all children's products, adult supervision is required!


We care about the health of your child and use only safe materials.

• All boards are made of high-quality birch plywood.

• We don’t use varnish on toys.

• For the colored elements of toys, water-based acrylic paint is used. It has no smell and is totally safe even if your child decides to chew on some part of the busy board cube:)

• All the surfaces are carefully polished, and the corners are rounded. There are absolutely no sharp edges that can cut or any other dangerous elements.


We ship busy cubes assembled.



Our workshop is located in Ukraine.

Production time for busy houses 3-6 business days.


Priority air mail (20-25 business days)

Express delivery (7-10 business days)

Please read about  delivery/customs duties before purchasing  in Delivery section.



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